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Conference Organizers:
Meet the Co-Chairs

Milton M. Reigelman
Pawe┼� J─�drzejko
Milton M.  Reigelman has filled many roles at Centre College, including serving as Acting President (1997-98), but for more than thirty years has been known primarily as a demanding English professor. He has held the J. Rice Cowan Professorship of English since 1989.
   In 1988, the Louisville Courier-Journal named him as one of the three toughest professors in Kentucky. At Centre he has won the Rookie of the Year award, is the only professor to twice win the David Hughes Outstanding Professor Award, has been named the N.E.H. Distinguished Professor of Humanities, has chaired many faculty committees and the humanities division, and been president of Phi Beta Kappa.
   Twice selected as a Senior Fulbright Professor, he lectured for one year at the University of Warsaw in Poland and for a semester at Kiev University in the Ukraine. He currently oversees the Norton Center for the Arts and Centre’s extensive study-abroad programs, after himself directing Centre programs in France and England. In this country, he has been a Captain in Army Intelligence, worked  for The Washington Post, studied at Yale and U.N.C. in N.E.H. seminars, been Dean of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program for fourteen years, and is on the board of state and national educational organizations.
   The subjects of his publications have included Melville, James, Faulkner, Emerson, George Eliot, John LeCarre, and Ed McClanahan. He co-edited The Danville Quarterly and is the author of The Midland: A Venture in Literary Regionalism. Locally, he has been president of  the Danville-Boyle County Library, The Rotary Club, and Anaconda: the Danville Literary and Social Club.
Dr. Reigelman has a B.A. in philosophy from William and Mary, an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Iowa.
Pawe┼� J─�drzejko is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Literatures in English and Postcolonial Studies of the Institute of British and American Culture and Literature, University of Silesia in Katowice. He is an Executive Council member of the International American Studies Association and member of American Studies Association and Modern Language Association; he also holds a membership of the Polish Association of American Studies.
 J─�drzejko actively cooperates with the Canadian Studies Center and the Gender Studies Center of his Institute. His particular interests revolve around the literature of American Renaissance. Since 1997, J─�drzejko has been an active member of The Melville Society. He is also an alumnus of the international organization Civic Education Project and member of MLA and ASA. Employed in the Institute since 1995, Pawe┼� J─�drzejko is the academic advisor of the NeoLit – Students' Research Society. He is also one of the initiators of the official journal of the NeoLit-OnLine Internet Quarterly Project.
   His publications, including two books dedicated to Herman Melville, focus predominantly on the oeuvre of the latter and upon literary and cultural theory, theory of literary translation, philosophy of literature and literature of philosophy.
    In 1995, he was granted his M.A. in English by Adam Mickiewicz University in Pozna┼�. In 2002, he received his Ph.D. from The University of Silesia in Katowice. He studied in Poland and Sweden, gave guest lectures in Poland, Britain and the USA, and participated in numerous conferences at home and abroad.
   Dr. J─�drzejko cooperates with the Er(r)go journal on a regular basis; he is responsible for the "Critical Notes" section, where he presents submitted books. Once a seaman, his hobbies include ocean and inland sailing, a cappella singing and guitar music; he is rather partial to ice-cream and soda. And, definitely, a big fan of his Co-Chair.