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Tall Ships' Races Szczecin 2007
Supporting events

As a result of our close cooperation with the Tall Ships' Races Szczecin 2007, the Conference Participants are welcome to take part in many events offered for the Tall Ships crews. In return, the Conference Organizers have been asked to offer the public open air readings of fragments of texts written by Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad, arrange for the public screenings of Melvillean and Conradian films, open some Conference sessions to the public,  and help promote the Tall Ships philosophy internationally.
   Soon, detailed information concerning the supporting events available to the Conference Participants will be provided by the Organization Office of the Tall Ships' Races Szczecin 2007; until that date, however, please find the tentative schedule of the event in the "Schedule of  Events" subsection to this website.
    The permanent events of the program of the Tall Ships' flotilla's visit to a Tall Ships' Races Host Port include the following:

  • Visiting on board the tall ships and yachts
  • Street parade of the ship’s crews in the City
  • The Ceremony of Awarding the Trophies
  • An ecumenical mass
  • The parade of ships under sail
  • An official dinner for the ship’s commanders, VIP’s and sponsors
  • A discotheque for the crews

    The major related attractions involve, among others:

  • Sailing parade of a hundred sailing vessels on the Odra river;
  • Visits on-board the most famous and largest tall ships in the world;
  • The Oldtimers’ Meeting;
  • Visiting Polish Navy Ships;
  • Dragonboat races;
  • Maritime workshops (dedicated to nautical ceremonies and etiquette, the sailing trade, sea-songs, and sailors dances);
  • Exibition of maritime photography and flower sculpture;
  • Oldstyle fish market;
  • Maritime fairs and oldstyle flee market;
  • Presentations of the cuisine of the countries of the Baltic Sea basin;
  • The Festival of Street Theaters, dance troupes, and brass bands;
  • Old Time Motocycles’ and Automobiles’ Meeting;
  • Numerous concerts of music bands, including top-notch stars;
  • Street parade of the ships’ crews;
  • Night Tall Ships’ parade on the Odra river and the Farewell Tall Ships’ parade;
  • A fireworks show