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Conference costs

download the conference program pdf

Conference costs fall into two categories: conference fee and individual costs.

The conference fee is used to cover the costs of the conference meeting rooms, conference materials, rental of equipment needed for multimedia presetations, an hors d’oeuvres reception, a final luncheon the last day, and coffee/tea/water during breaks, etc. This fee in US dollars has been calculated at the lowest possible level and varies depending on the professional position of the participating scholar:


$145: Senior Faculty Members (Full Professors, Associate Professor)

$100: Junior Faculty Members and Emeriti (Assistant Professors, Instructors, Ph.D. and Graduate Students, Independent Scholars)

$50: Spouses or Partners

Individual cost, independent of the conference fee, are the travel costs of getting to Szczecin, hotel and food costs, and the cost of any optional tour packages offered by independent operators that you may choose.

We anticipate that even though August 2007 is still distant, the conference costs will be modest, with hotel rooms averaging about $40-$50 per night per person. Also, there is now a direct RyanAir flight from London to Szczecin for less than $100 (round-trip), and a low-cost conference bus will transport Participants to the conference from Berlin (which is less than two hours away). Please, check the "How to get there" section for prices of transportation from Berlin to Szczecin and hotel booking in Berlin we have negotiated with our partner, MittelWest-Europa.


Exemplary prices:

  • A lunch for one person at an average Polish diner - ca. 15-20 PLN (5 to 8 USD)
  • A dinner for one person at an upscale restaurant, including wine - ca. 100 PLN (33 USD)
  • An Inter City Express train ticket to Warsaw (one way) - ca. 100 PLN (33 USD)
  • A one-hour phonecall to the USA ("Telegrosik" International Calling Card) - 25 PLN (9 USD)
  • A filling at a recommended Polish dentist - ca. 180 PLN (60 USD)
  • 1 km. cab ride - first tariff (within the zone, between 06:00 and 22:00 and on working days) - ca. 4 PLN (ca. 1.50 USD)
  • An average music CD - 30 to 50 PLN (10-17 USD)
  • Note: clothing, shoes, gas, camera films, and electronic equipment (computers, ipods, etc.) as well as car rental - may be more expensive than they are in the USA.

    Please, note: by 25th September 2006, Participants should send by regular mail a check for the conference registration fee made payable to:

    "Centre College: Melville/Conrad Conference"

    Please send the check to:
    Milton M. Reigelman,
    Centre College
    600 West Walnut Street
    Danville, KY 40422

    Alternatively, if you cannot mail a check, you may wire transfer the fee to:

    ABA number: 083901236
    Farmers National Bank
    304 West Main Street
    Danville, Kentucky 40422-1833
    telephone: 859 / 236-2926
    Title of the transfer: "Centre College: Melville/Conrad Conference."

    Register Online -- Download offline registration forms