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Hearts of Darkness
Melville and Conrad in the Space of World Culture
Call for Papers

Conference Program

The works and lives of Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad have become, separately, the objects of thousands of extensive studies. Juxtaposed, however, the two most important writers-mariners of the past two centuries have been rarely analyzed. This conference, first imagined by the Melville Society several years ago, will take place in Poland, Józef Konrad Korzeniowski’s land of origin, at the beautiful, Hanseatic seaport where perhaps the largest gathering ever of Tall Ships will converge to end their six-week race in early August, 2007. Melville and Conrad, although as different as an oaken full-rigger and a steel-clad steamer, both float on—or dive into—a sea of profound issues that have always unsettled thinking minds. What better place to explore these two Hearts of Darkness than in a country whose long history has been filled with extraordinary tragedy and extraordinary hope. A gam between Melvillians and Conradians in Szczecin will provide a remarkable opportunity for both groups to deepen their primary interests and also establish new pathways.

We invite proposals of 300-500 words (one or two pages) by 25th June 2006. Proposal should be submitted via the online registration form at the Conference website, or off-line forms ought to be sent by e-mail to both conference co-chairs: Paweł Jędrzejko ( and Milton Reigelman ( The selection committee will notify you of the status of your proposal by 1st September 2006. Papers may consider Melville, Conrad, or both authors; those that compare the two writers are encouraged. If you wish to organize a panel or roundtable on a specific topic, please include the names of others who will participate. The following categories are meant to be suggestive, of course, rather than descriptive. Please, click upon the title of selected section below to see the details:

  • I - Melville and/or Conrad: Philosophers of the Sea
  • II -Melville and/or Conrad: Politics/History/Culture
  • III - Melville and/or Conrad: Literary/Historical/Rhetorical Perspectives
  • IV - (De)Constructing Melville, (De)Constructing Conrad
  • V - Polski Conrad, polski Melville (Polish Conrad, Polish Melville - in Polish)

    Please, note: by 25th September 2006, Participants should send by regular mail a check for the conference registration fee made payable to:

    "Centre College: Melville/Conrad Conference."

    Please send the check to:
    Milton M. Reigelman,
    Centre College
    600 West Walnut Street
    Danville, KY 40422

    Alternatively, if you cannot mail a check, you may wire transfer the fee to:

    ABA number: 083901236
    Farmers National Bank
    304 West Main Street
    Danville, Kentucky 40422-1833
    telephone: 859 / 236-2926
    Title of the transfer: "Centre College: Melville/Conrad Conference."

    Once your registration fee has been received by the Organizers, Participants are encouraged to make hotel reservations by contacting cooperating hotels via the registration form in this website, or by contacting either hotel directly, or to make their own lodging arrangements. Please, note that the safety date for hotel booking is 15th November 2006. After this date, the Szczecin hotels may be fully booked, as the City expects in excess of 1.5 million visitors for the Tall Ships Final.

    Please download the pdf versions of the Call for Papers HERE